Sunday, July 28, 2013

Go West Young Man

It’s summertime and the living is easy. That doesn’t mean the Zelmer Pulp crew are taking a vacation. The rumors about us spending all day sat in a children’s paddling pool on Isaac Kirkman’s front lawn, drinking PBR and wolf-whistling at passing redheads are completely untrue, we have in fact been feverishly working on our next release.
Zelmer Pulp is heading west in August with our new collection, FIVE BROKEN WINCHESTERS. This time we have invited a friend along and who better to ride shotgun for this posse than the Sheriff of The Big Adios and Shotgun Honey, Ron Earl Phillips.

FIVE BROKEN WINCHESTERS spans the whole arc of the western genre, from hard-boiled traditional stories of blood and revenge to science fiction and weird western horror. The full line up is as follows:

Obsidian by Ryan Sayles
Red December (A Harmon Brown Yarn) by Brian Panowich
The Atheist by Isaac Kirkman
The Ballad of Jeremy Diggitt by Chuck Regan
The Guns of Justice by Chris Leek
The Last Shot by special guest, Ron Earl Phillips
We will also be throwing down some glorious original cover art from our very own Chuck Regan and an introduction written by one of the leading weird western authors working today.
FIVE BROKEN WINCHESTERS will be available shortly in both e-book print editions. If you want a little taster of what’s on offer, then why not mosey on down to Amazon and pick up a copy of Brain Panowich’s first Harmon Brown Yarn, BABY JUICE, which is available RIGHT HERE.  

This ain’t your Daddy’s Western. This is Zelmer Pulp. 

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Looking forward to this one, fellas : )