Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Fish

While working on the Springsteen-inspired noir collection with Gutter Books, we figured we'd be idiots not to capitalize on that tidal wave and release a ZP noir collection all our own. The result is Maybe I Should Just Shoot You In... The Face, a gritty kick to the junk filled with no holds barred crime fiction. New Jersey-based photographer Mark Krajnak is contributing photos to both the Springsteen collection and MISJSYITF for added art and depth. Look for it soon.

On top of that, we've added brothers to the fold. Yes. ZP just got more robust. That means more distinct narrative voicing, two additional stories to each volume and two more cuddly, precious guys to love as much your heart can allow.

Gareth Spark, one of England's leading noir voices and all-around hard-hitting presence, initially came on as a guest for MISJSYITF and we loved him so much we asked him to stick around permanently.

Benoit Lelievre, eloquent but brutal mastermind behind the website Dead End Follies and several hardcore fiction pieces, had the hunger we need to keep us pushing forward towards new heights.

There really wasn't even any discussion about these two dudes. Something just clicked. It was right. It was an easy, natural fit. And we are stronger because of it.

Join us in welcoming these two fellas to the band. Get ready for the quiet to go away. We're back.


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