Zelmer Pulp bring their A game to the mean, rain-swept streets of noir. This collection features new stories from all the Zelmer Pulp regulars as well as stunning noir photography from Mark Krajnak and an introduction by Brit Grit Godfather Paul D. Brazill.
Give A Good Day - Isaac Kirkman
The cynical story of one man's sorrow.
Omega Man - Benoit Lelievre
Dave just got dumped by his girlfriend. Nobody dumps Dave.
Once Upon A Time In The Woods - Brian Panowich
Sometimes faerie tales come true. That's not always a good thing.
Roach Motel Reputation - Ryan Sayles
Clues to a tragic car accident lead Richard Dean Buckner into a den of filth and depravity.
Last Exit - Chris Leek
On the street it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between justice and revenge.
Taking Flesh - Chuck Regan
A photographer searches for secret meanings at the carnival.
Lazarus, Come Forth - Gareth Spark
An aging solider is called upon for one last job.


Anonymous said...

A very cool collection.

Isaac's piece is lyrical, as usual.

Benoit's piece is a given piece for this day and age.

Brian's job is creepy. Like an old Twilight Zone episode

Ryan's short is brutal, violent.

Chuck's story is spot-on, Stephen King like.

Gareth's...I think I know that old Eastern European guy.

And Chris...New York goodness.

Well done, guys.

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