We here at Zelmer Pulp believe in three things: one, if you're only working out your upper body, you suck. Two, faux-hawk haircuts don't belong on men who are sexually attracted to women, and three, the world needs more irreverent, exciting, no-holds-barred fiction. And there's no reason why laser beams and rocket ships, walking dead and chain saws, dragons and monsters and old noir street corners can't be in 'em.

Zelmer Pulp is a publishing house/braintrust/entertainment machine spearheaded and created by Ryan Sayles and Brian Panowich in the last days of 2012. We specialize in retro-futuristic, pulp hero, dark crime, monster noir, and neoclassical post-apocalyptic multi-generation uber-exploitive psychodrama. And kids books.

Zelmer Pulp is:

Chuck Regan - The Director
Isaac Kirkman - The Holy Poet

Chris Leek - The Guv'nor
Brian Panowich - The Next Big Ting
Ryan Sayles - The Grand Poobah 

Benoit Lelievre - The Canadian
Gareth Spark - The Romantic

Contact us: zelmerpulp(at)gmail.com

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