It's ba-a-a-ack! C'mon And Do the Apocalypse, Vol. 2 will be available for Halloween, 2015. 

Ryan Sayles and Brian Panowich Introduce readers to the Zombie Apocalypse done their way. From tear-jerking to gut-wrenching to hardcore and brutal, all the things Sayles and Panowich have brought to the Indy Noir table are funneled into the world of the undead.

Volume One includes:

My Wife Dawn...And The Dead by Brian Panowich

A recount of the first few hours of the zombie outbreak during an small intimate Christmas party in the suburbs. What happens when a pop culture zombie nerd finds himself the smartest guy in the room, charged with protecting his family and friends on the eve of a real bonafide apocalypse? Probably not what you expect. My wife Dawn is a love story for the end of days.

28 Days of Mutilated Zombie Whores Later by Ryan Sayles

Two years after the the Zombie apocalypse, Nelson runs a new breed of harem on his farm. When his last surviving John arrives with a 'live girl' to trade for Nelson's service, they all experience a micro-apocalypse of their own.

The print version of this book includes 2 prequel stories, and a brand new Introduction to Zelmer Press written by Ryan Sayles

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